Create easy, instant web development briefs.

Eliminate scope-creep.
Stay in budget. Deliver on time.

“It’s alive!”

The brief as a living, breathing document

Typically, briefs are static things. They’re often left to moulder away, ignored in a folder somewhere as the project marches on. It’s only when things get sticky, or the list of to-dos start bordering on the infinite, that the (now most-likely-out-of-date) document gets hauled out for reference.

But with Briefa, your brief is a living document that grows and changes as the project does. The whole team (and the client) can share and add notes, questions and annotations relating to specific items within the brief, continuously growing the understanding of the project.

Some cool features:

Collaborate and share knowledge.

Jump Menu

Easy jump menu navigation lets you pinpoint your client’s requirements, even when they’re jumping all over the place.

Live Chat

‘Slack-like’ synchronous chat enables easy collaboration, allows for a collective vision, and keeps the team on spec.

Step by Step Help

Step-by-step, conditional logic questionnaires mean that needs are clearly defined, and none of the tech stuff gets overlooked.

“Great briefs equal great projects”

Other wonderful stuff that our software lets you do:

  • Create multiple briefs under one profile
  • Tag a question or comment to a specific person
  • Cover all the bases with nothing missed and no loose ends
  • Encompass all aspects of your client's needs, technical and creative
  • Nothing gets lost (yes, there’s autosave)
  • Save money (and face) by ensuring that client’s expectations are met